Fortnite is receiving PS5 skin

Fortnite Season 4 has received many Marvel superheroes' cosmetics and mythic abilities, with some mythic weapons rumored to be added to the table.

As a result, this season has received love from gamers and has shifted the game's meta by quite a bit.

This Marvel collaboration takes a fresh perspective on the game, refraining from the usual storyline and giving players something new to worry about over the next few days in the form of Galactus.

  • Fortnite has seen many promotional cosmetics getting added to the game, and it seems like more are on their way.
  • Here is a look at a leak by a popular data miner stating that more such items will be coming to the game next season.

Cosmetics and promotional skins have always been an area of expertise for the developers. Even the freemium model of Fortnite encourages players to buy the battle pass and cosmetics to support the title that they love.

Promotional cosmetics are a part of products such as the PlayStation and Xbox, and provide players with an extra incentive to buy the product and get free rewards in Fortnite.


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