Fortnite is a battle royale game developed by Epic Games. It was initially released in 2017 and is now available on PC, consoles and mobile devices. Unfortunately, it is not currently available on iOS due to Epic’s conflict with Apple. If you already want to play Fortnite, download it for free on any platform.

Stunning Graphics

Fortnite has a cartoony visual style that perfectly fits the chill mood of the game. When developing Fortnite, Epic Games have managed not only to make the graphics attractive but also to make them unique. The game looks great and what’s even better it’s perfectly optimized. Fortnite for PC is basically the same as it is on mobile, allowing the developers to implement full-crossplay.

For Hundreds of Hours

This Fortnite review would not be full without mentioning the gameplay. In its essence, online Fortnite is a typical battle royale game, but it also has lots of fresh ideas and unique mechanics. Building, for example, has never been seen before in the genre and creates lots of new gameplay moments. Fortnite play experience, in general, is awesome and does not feel repetitive at all.

Ironically, Fortnite is not a fortnight game: it has huge replay value. When you download Fortnite, you get an infinite amount of matches you can play and all of them will be different. However, you would still get bored with the same Fortnite game play after several dozens of hours, which is why the developers frequently issue major content updates.

Not Currently on iOS

Fortnite online is currently unavailable on iOS due to the conflict of Epic Games and Apple. On August 13, 2020 Epic Games implemented an update that allowed the players to purchase V-bucks directly from their shop without passing the transaction through Apple systems and, therefore, not paying the transaction fees. Apple has deleted the game from the App Store due to such a serious violation. Epic Games have launched a hashtag “Free Fortnite” to attract the public attention to the problem that millions of gamers cannot play their favorite game anymore. The only option for iOS devices owners is to play Fortnite on other platforms.


Fortnite online game is unique for the whole industry. It became incredibly popular, offers lots of content, frequent updates, great gameplay and attractive graphics. The most impressive part is that you can play Fortnite for free on any platform. Moreover, Fortnite free to play distribution system does not affect the balance: in-game purchases are skins only. You can play Fortnite on computers, smartphones or consoles with your friends from any other platform as the game offers full cross-play.


  • How to download Fortnite?
    Fortnite PC download is available in Epic Games Store. Fortnite download for Android is available in Google Play. 
  • Is an Internet connection required to play Fortnite on PC?
    Yes, to play Fortnite online a constant connection is required.
  • Is Epic Games Fortnite free to play?
    Yes, you can play Fortnite for free and the game offers optional in-game purchases.